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#40 (10.4) The Duke (Tommy Emmanuel) To B or Not To B (Atkins/Goodrum) After Paris (Knowles)

#39 (10.3) Tahitian Skies (Ray Flacke) Brother Buster (Trad. arr. Knowles) Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (Billy Joel arr. Knowles)

#38 (10.2) Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCarthy arr. Knowles) I'll Be Home For Christmas (Gannon & Kent arr. Knowles) Gymnopédie (Satie arr. Knowles) Bossa Crescente (Knowles, Worst & Scott) We Love You Chet (Van Duser)

#37 (10.1) Blackbird (Lennon/McCarthy arr. Knowles) Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Lennon/McCarthy arr. Knowles) Study in A minor (Sor) Metro Luna (Peter Langston)

#36 (9.4) Ashokan Farewell (arr. Knowles) The Nearness of You (arr. Knowles) Amor en Secreto (Stephanie Jackson)

#35 (9.3) The Claw (Reed) I'll See You In my Dreams (arr. Knowles) Consider This (Knowles) Flatworld (arr.Flip Breskin)

#34 (9.2) The Early Dawn (La Madrugada) (Reed) Cards And Letters (Knowles) If This Had Been Real (Knowles) Rolls (Knowles)

#33 (9.1) Reedology  (Reed) My Foolish Heart (arr. Knowles) San Antonio Stroll (arr. Atkins)

#32 (8.4) Mr. Lucky  (Reed/arr. Atkins) When Sunny Gets Blue (arr. Knowles) Aura Lee (arr. Jim Atkins & John Knowles) In a Rose Garden  (arr. Joel Henderson)

#31 (8.3) Waltz for Debby (Gene Lees & Bill Evans/arr. Knowles) Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon & Henderson/arr. Atkins & Knowles) Black is the Color (of My True Love's Hair) (Trad./arr. Knowles) Appalachian/Coventry Carol (Trad./arr. Knowles)

#30 (8.2) He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother (Russell & Scott/arr. Knowles) Ol’ Joe Clark (Fantasy & Breakdown) (Trad./arr. Knowles) Funeral March of a Marionette (Alfred Hitchcock Theme) (Gounod/arr. Johns) Salley Gardens (Trad./arr. Mark Hanson) 

#29 (8.1) Dear Someone (Gillian Welch & David Rawlings/arr. Knowles) Solace (Joplin/arr. Knowles) Red Hot Picker (Knowles) Canzone (Anon./arr. Johns) Danza (Anon./arr. Johns) 

#28 (7.4) Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (De Lange & Alter/arr. John Knowles) Jiffy Jam (Jerry Reed/arr. John Knowles) Ocho y Seis (John Knowles) Be Right Back (John Knowles)

#27 (7.3) A Man and a Woman (Barrouh, Keller & Lai/arr. John Knowles) Marie (Randy Newman/arr. John Knowles) Welcome Home, Scott Joplin (John Knowles) Chicken in the Rain (John Knowles)

#26 (7.2) Magnetic Rag (Joplin/arr. Knowles) Loch Lomond (Trad./arr Mason Williams) Pickin' Produce (Atkins & Knowles) If I Was Django Reinhardt (David Hamburger) Another Heart (Knowles)

#25 (7.1) I'm In the Mood for Love (McHugh & Fields) Summertime, Young Girls (Knowles) Las Palmas (Knowles) Merrily We Roll Along (Cantor, Tobias & Menchor)

#24 (6.4) It Had to Be You (Kahn & Jones/arr. Knowles) Birmingham Fandango (arr. Kendrick & Olschmidt) Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon/arr. Knowles)

#23 (6.3) My Funny Valentine (Rodgers & Hart/arr. Knowles) Boulevard (Knowles) Charade (Mancini/arr. Knowles & Atkins)

#22 (6.2) The Water is Wide (Trad./arr. Mason Williams) Winter Wonderland (Smith & Barnard/arr. Knowles) Swedish Wedding March (Trad./arr. Glickstein) The Cascades (Joplin/arr. Knowles)

#21 (6.1) Walking My Baby Back Home (Ahlert & Turk/arr. Knowles) Struttin' (Jerry Reed/arr. Knowles) Cold, Cold Heart (Williams/arr. Knowles)

#20 (5.4) Send in the Clowns (Sondheim/arr. Knowles) The Entertainer (Joplin/arr. Knowles) Gardenia (Knowles) They Say the Mississippi (Knowles)

#19 (5.3) Avalon (Jolson, DeSylva & Rose/arr. Knowles) Central City Flyer (Knowles) Owls' Psalm (Muriel Anderson)

#18 (5.2) Forgotten Flowers (Trad./arr. Knowles) Chihuahua Waltz (Knowles) Los Rios Del Sol (Knowles)

#17 (5.1) Drakesboro Saturday Night (Knowles) Indiana (Hanley & Macdonald/arr. Knowles) Our Four Fathers (Jay Knowles & John Knowles) Sarabande (Bach/arr. Knowles)

#16 (4.4) Somebody Stole My Gal (Leo Wood/arr. Knowles) Blue Finger (Jerry Reed/arr. Knowles) East Tennessee Christmas (Atkins & Knowles) Swanee River (Foster/arr. Knowles)

#15 (4.3) Waiting for Susie B. (Atkins) Ave Maria (Schubert/arr. Atkins) Cafe of Dreams (Knowles) Alice Blue Gown (McCarthy & Tierney/arr. Knowles)

#14 (4.2) Sweet Alla Lee (Trad./arr. Atkins) Blue Moon (Rodgers & Hart/arr. Knowles) Lattitude Adjustment (Knowles) Sunset Cowgirl (Knowles)

#13 (4.1) Every Now and Then (Atkins & Goodrum) Hymn Tune (arr. Knowles) Two Hearts (Knowles) Tongue Twister (Knowles) Turning Home (Knowles) My Little Waltz (Atkins & Knowles)

#12 (3.4) Waltz for the Lonely (Atkins & Goodrum) Relaxin' (Paul Yandell) Back Porch Rocker (Knowles) Dark Moon (Knowles)

#11 (3.3) House of the Rising Sun (Trad./arr. Knowles) Georgia Camp Meeting (Trad./arr. Atkins) Seattle Sunrise (Knowles) Etude in A (Carcassi) Chorale (Bach/arr.Knowles)

#10 (3.2) Red Wing (Chattaway & Mills/arr. Atkins) Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Trad./arr. Tommy Jones ) A Minor Adjustment (Knowles) El Testament d'Amelia (Trad./arr. Knowles)

#9 (3.1) Chinatown , My Chinatown (Schwartz & Jerome/arr. Atkins) Hold Me (Knowles) Blues Breau (Knowles) Etude in B minor (Sor)

#8 (2.4) With a Little Help From My Friends (Lennon & McCartney/arr. Knowles) Pavan (Milan/arr. Knowles) The Gorilla Song (Jay Knowles & John Knowles) Happy Again (Atkins)

#7 (2.3) Vincent (Don McLean/arr. Knowles) Trambone (Atkins) Meanwhile (Knowles) Prelude (Chopin/arr. Knowles)

#6 (2.2) Honolulu Blue (Atkins & Knowles) Londonderry Air (Trad./arr. Knowles) Bourrée (Bach) Hidden Charm (Rich)

#5 (2.1) Down Home (Jerry Reed) Waltz Forever (Knowles) Red River Valley Revisited (Trad./arr. Knowles) It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (arr. Knowles) Silent Night (Gruber/arr. Knowles) O Come, All Ye Faithful (arr. Knowles)

#4 (1.4) Arkansas Traveler (Trad./arr. Atkins) Amanda from Barbados (Knowles & Atkins) Etude in D (Sor) Red River Valley (Trad./arr. Knowles)

#3 (1.3) Nelly Bly (Stephen Foster/arr. Atkins) Subtle Blossom (Knowles) Grits-n-Biscuits (Knowles) Lately (Knowles) Estudio (Aguado)

#2 (1.2) Tennessee Waltz (Stewart & King/arr. Knowles) Camptown Races (Foster/arr. Knowles) Lagrima (Tarrega) Laguna Lag (Knowles) Sea Breeze (Knowles)

#1 (1.1) Smoky Mountain Lullaby (Atkins) Beautiful Dreamer (Foster/arr. Knowles) Coastin' (Knowles) Away in a Manger (arr. Knowles) Deck the Halls (arr. Knowles) O Little Town of Bethlehem (arr. Knowles)

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