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John Knowles Waltz Forever

$20 USD (USA) $25 USD (Outside USA)
(Price includes shipping)

The first time Jennifer, Rene and I played a few tunes together, Rene said, "We should record." And for too many years, "We should record" was our greeting and our farewell. Recently, Rene and I finished playing, looked at each other and said, "Let's record." After several Skype sessions, we booked a long weekend that included two house concerts and several days in the studio. Now Rene is saying, "We should do this again…"


1. Las Palmas listen to sample
2. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
3. With A Little Help From My Friends
4. Waltz Forever
5. Bossa Crescente listen to sample
6. Sunday Morning
7. Amanda From Barbados
8. The Tennessee Waltz
9. The Nearness of You listen to sample
10. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
11. The Gorilla Song listen to sample
12. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother listen to sample

$20 USD (USA)
$25 USD (Outside USA)
(Price includes shipping)

1. The Chihuahua Waltz (KNOWLES)
2. Bridge over Troubled Water (SIMON)
3. Blackbird (LENNON/Mc CARTNEY)
4. Lady Madonna (LENNON/Mc CARTNEY)
5. Yesterday (LENNON/Mc CARTNEY)
6. Eleanor Rigby (LENNON/Mc CARTNEY)
7. Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) (Mc LEAN)
8. Welcome Home, Scott Joplin (KNOWLES)
9. The Cascades (JOPLIN ARR. KNOWLES)
11. Back Porch Rocker (KNOWLES)
12. Rolls (KNOWLES)
13. My Little Waltz (ATKINS/KNOWLES)
14. Black Is The Color (ARR. KNOWLES)
15. Ol' Joe Clark (TRAD. ARR. KNOWLES)
16. Mr. Lucky(HUBBARD)
17. Struttin' (HUBBARD)
18. JiffY Jam (HUBBARD)
19. The Claw (HUBBARD)
20. Blue Finger (HUBBARD)
21. Reedology (HUBBARD)
22. The Early Dawn (HUBBARD)
23. Looney Tunes Theme (CANTON, TOBIAS, MENCHER)

$20 USD (USA)
$25 USD (Outside USA)
(Price includes shipping)

1. Coastin' (KNOWLES)
2. Drakesboro Saturdat Night (KNOWLES)
3. Cafe' of Dreams (KNOWLES)
4. Danny Boy
5. Los Rios Do Sol (KNOWLES)
6. Amanda from Barbados (KNOWLES / ATKINS)
7. Two Hearts (KNOWLES)
8. Happy Again (ATKINS)
9. Chihuahua Waltz (KNOWLES)
10. Central City Flyer (KNOWLES)
11. Honolulu Blue (KNOWLES / ATKINS)
12. Waltz Forever (KNOWLES)
13. Remembrance (KNOWLES)